Partnering with the Private Sector

To Offer Tools for Wellness


Representatives from all 32 NFL teams were trained by Vibrant in Mental Health First Aid.

Whether you are an employer promoting workplace wellness, a social media company looking for ways to manage behavioral health related risk online or a provider organization pursuing better health, improved care and lower costs, Vibrant develops customizable behavioral health and consultation solutions to help you meet your goals.

Donovin Darius

“I’ve seen the NFL Life Line change players’ lives. I’ve seen it
save marriages and strengthen families. Just one call to the Life Line can set someone on the path to wellness.”


The National Football League Life Line, administered by Vibrant Emotional Health, and complementary mental health training and workshops for the League, ensure that players and their loved ones have the tools to achieve emotional wellbeing on and off the field.

NFL players are just like anyone else — grappling with the natural ups
and downs of life — but when we leave the League, we face unique challenges. I know, because I did. After ten successful seasons as an All- Pro Safety, I faced the most daunting experience of my life — starting over without football.

I thought I “had it all” — a successful career, a wife and kids and plenty of money in the bank — but I lacked a vision for the rest of my life. When I stepped off the field for the last time, I felt a profound sense of loss. I had lost my identity, community and financial certainty. Because of the macho culture among the football community, I didn’t feel comfortable asking for help because I thought I would look weak.

Isolated and fearful, I descended into depression and seriously considered ending my life. I decided it was time to make a change and that’s when Leonard Wheeler came into my life.

Leonard is a former NFL player and a member of the NFL Transitions Coaches program. This is a select group of former players who have been certified by the League to work with active and retired players on life transition skills and emotional wellness. Leonard taught me that the skills that I had developed as an athlete — perseverance, being a team player, and putting on a game face — could get me through the process of figuring out my life’s plan. Because of Leonard’s mentorship, I was able to get healthy again, and in turn, I wanted to do for other players what he had done for me.

Today, I too, am an NFL Transition Coach. As part of this program, Transition Coaches are trained by Vibrant Emotional Health in suicide prevention and behavioral health interventions. These trainings help us identify when a player is experiencing a crisis. In that case, I connect them to the NFL Life Line, which provides 24/7, confidential, free hotline and online chat services for anyone in the NFL community in need of support. The line is staffed by Vibrant counselors trained to help with challenges unique in nature to those who have played in the league.

I’ve seen the NFL Life Line change players’ lives. I’ve seen it save marriages and strengthen families. Just one call to the Life Line can set someone on the path to wellness.