Minds Ahead

Young Leaders Council

Jordan and Taylor

Comprised of young professionals and philanthropists, Minds Ahead is dedicated to supporting Vibrant Emotional Health and advancing the conversation around emotional health from illness to wellness. By expanding Vibrant’s reach and impact among today’s youth, Minds Ahead is helping Vibrant to change the culture around emotional wellness for this generation and the next.

“Reducing the stigma around mental health is so crucial. I struggled with anxiety growing up and was fortunate to come from a family where things like this were talked about openly. My biggest goal
is to remove the stigma, so people can feel more comfortable speaking about their struggles. Supporting Vibrant’s work, especially with the students at the Adolescent Skills Centers, allows me to support others who struggle like I do, to make sure they have access to the resources we all need to grow and thrive.”

TAYLOR CLARK Co-Chair, Minds Ahead

“Emotional health struggles need to become part of an everyday conversation and I know that our work with Vibrant brings awareness and enhances the life skills of Vibrant’s students and participants. It’s incredible to see how Vibrant fundamentally changes the confidence and outlook of a young person. Recently, at a Minds Ahead fundraising event, a young man from one of the Adolescent Skills Centers blew all of us away. When he joined the Center, he struggled with emotional health and confidence concerns. That night, standing in front of a room of several hundred guests, he spoke eloquently and with passion about his artwork. Moments like these show the power of Vibrant’s connection and support.”

JORDAN LICHAY Chair, Minds Ahead